The reason sponsors are prepared to invest in your events is because they trust that you will deliver an audience that resonates with their brand, and allows them to achieve one or more strategic objectives, including thought leadership, lead generation and brand reinforcement.

By using the automated features of Zoolink, it becomes easy to increase the value you can offer your sponsors.   

Imagine how excited your sponsors would be if you said that, in addition to their normal benefits, you could expose their new product to the membership of 25 or 30 or 50 targeted associations globally before the event?  These could represent thousands of contacts that would be hard to reach in any other manner.  Or that as part of their package, they would be able to amplify their message through the social media channels of 10 or 20 or 100 associations?  Not only that, but by using Zoolink as part of your marketing process for an event, you are increasing transparency of how you are reaching new and existing audiences.

Although the above ideas would incur some cost, this could be fully recovered as part of the sponsorship package, which would result in both the sponsor getting added value, while your event marketing though these channels is essentially free.  A true win-win for event organizer and sponsor!