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ZL Live demo release (2)

Live Demo Series For Associations

Generating non-dues revenue for your association doesn't have to be daunting - we're here to help you. Zoolink is excited to announce a series of Live Demos scheduled for Thursday, 22 September 2022.
SOCIAL MEDIA 101 (1366 × 914px)

Creating the perfect social media post

Social media is fast becoming one of the best performing marketing channels for event organizers. If you’re new to marketing, here are a few tips to get the best out of your social media channels.
Email Lists Blog (1366 × 914px)

Buying an email list is always a bad idea

Buying an email list sounds like a great idea – here’s a cheap way to blast out a marketing message, and the marketer can tick a box in their plan.  However just some of the problems: GDPR – you will...
Affiliate program

The Zoolink affiliate programme - generating passive income for your company

Zoolink includes a great way for you to generate an ongoing revenue stream.  Simply invite an association or event organizer that you know to create an account using your personal link (accessible from the setup menu once you have an...

Using Zoolink to add value to your sponsorship packages

The reason sponsors are prepared to invest in your events is because they trust that you will deliver an audience that resonates with their brand, and allows them to achieve one or more strategic objectives, including thought leadership, lead generation...
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