Connecting global event organizers and associations

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What does Zoolink do?

Zoolink is an online marketplace that connects global conference and tradeshow organizers with professional or trade associations. As an association, you can offer marketing products, such as social media posts, website banners and listings, logo placements, and custom emails to these industry event organizers in order to promote their shows to your members.


So how does it work?

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When creating your free association account, you will go through a quick, 6-step wizard that will guide you on what information is needed for your Zoolink profile. The entire process should not take longer than 10 minutes. View our step-by-step guide on creating your free Zoolink account.

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During this process, you will select an industry sector from a drop-down menu and also create tags or keywords associated with your association. This will help our AI algorithm accurately match your association to event organizers using the platform.

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You will also get to a products section, where you can decide exactly what products you want to make available for event organizers to purchase. And at what price. Our pricing tool will suggest a recommended price, but the final decision lies with you.

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An event organizer will search this marketplace, by industry and region to find trade or professional associations relevant to their event target audience. They can view your card which will show them more information about your association, your focus areas, and also the number of members you have. They will never see your members’ personal data.

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If there is a fit, the event organizer may request a booking – based on the products you have set up during the 6-step wizard process. If you have only selected social media posts, for example, Linkedin and Facebook – this is what they will be able to book.

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Once an event organizer makes a booking, you will get a notification via email with details about the booking. Log into Zoolink to view the booking and content. At this stage, you can either accept the booking, decline the booking, or request a rework.

Interested in seeing Zoolink in action?

Schedule a short, personalized demo with our team and find out how much your association could potentially earn via Zoolink.