Social media is fast becoming one of the best performing marketing channels for event organizers. But just because you have your set channels and post regularly, doesn’t automatically mean you will see results. Before you engage in any marketing activity, in this case, social media – you really need to first understand your target audience. Once you have determined that you can in fact reach them via one (or more) of the many social media channels, you need to make sure the content you’re posting is engaging enough to actually get their attention.

If you’re new to marketing, here are a few tips to get the best out of your social media channels:

  1. Content is King! Be authentic in your post, make sure it’s relevant and allows you to connect with your audience. 
  2. Make it visually appealing. You know from your own behaviour on social media that you scroll past long pieces of text with no visuals. Your post needs to be visually attractive so don’t shy away from using images, video, gifs, infographics and more!
  3. Short is best. Short and sweet is often better than longer pieces of content.
  4. Make use of hashtags. But don’t overdo it. Hashtags help group together content and discussions, making it easier for people to find the content they’re looking for.
  5. Tailor your content. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is assuming what is good for one channel is good for another. What you post to your audience on LinkedIn should be different to what you post on Facebook or Instagram.

When done correctly, social media can be a very powerful tool in helping you raise awareness and drive leads for your upcoming events. Monitor and track your results, so you know what to do more of (and what to do less of) and don’t be scared to experiment.