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Join the Zoolink community by creating your association profile in just a few, quick and easy steps. Our wizard will take you through the process, and it should not take you more than 10 minutes to get your account set up and ready to start driving revenue for your association.

Creating An Account fi

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Configuring Your Account

Once you’ve exited the wizard, you will be able to re-enter any of the wizard steps again by navigating the menu at the top of your dashboard. You can add team members to your account and assign roles, so that more than one team member can manage the account or bookings. You can configure your social media accounts, which will enable your association’s social media channels to be linked to Zoolink.

Your Payout Section

The payout section in your dashboard allows you to load your banking details to ensure payment is made directly into your bank account when a booking is approved. Complete your bank account or credit card details and upload a verified bank letter that confirms your account details.

Refer & Earn Affiliate Program

Our Refer & Earn Affiliate program is also accessible from this dashboard. This allows you to refer any other industry associations to the platform – and when they activate their account and start receiving bookings, you will earn a percentage commission of all their bookings going forward.

Accepting or Declining a Booking

Once an event organizer makes a booking, you will get a notification via email with details about the booking. Log into Zoolink to view the booking and content. At this stage, you can either accept the booking, decline the booking, or request a rework.

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