Buying an email list sounds like a great idea – here’s a cheap way to blast out a marketing message, and the marketer can tick a box in their plan.  However just some of the problems:

  • GDPR – you will be in violation of this and other privacy rules
  • Reputable email service providers will only let you use opt-in lists.  If you use a less reputable provider, the chances are good, that deliverability will be woefully low
  • Good lists aren’t for sale – emails have probably been harvested, or even if opted-in to some other service, they certainly haven’t opted in to be sold
  • The recipients have no relationship with you – they will see your marketing as pure spam in most cases
  • You can harm your IP reputation – you may even be flagged as a spammer if you unknowingly mail spam traps or honeypots. 

As an alternative to buying lists, Zoolink allows you to reach targeted recipients by partnering with associations.  Associations, who have by definition got a pre-existing relationship with their members, email your message to their members on your behalf.  So no GDPR concerns, no violation of email service provider rules, recipients trust their association to provide quality information; and to ensure deliverability, Zoolink checks all email addresses using ZeroBounce, the market leader in email validation.

Email marketing with Zoolink is the best way to reach new audiences.