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Why choose Zoolink?

Started by a team with an extensive background in organizing world-class international events, we understand the importance of trade and professional associations to the event marketing mix. Currently, your association might not work with third-party industry events – but now might be the right time to start.

With nearly 60 000 events planned to take place globally in 2022, Zoolink presents a massive opportunity to boost revenue for your association, whilst serving the best interests of your members.

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What is Zoolink?

Zoolink is a revolutionary, global online marketplace that allows your association to sell marketing products to global conference and tradeshow organizers. If you’ve worked with third-party events, you’ll know that the event-marketing partnership process is quite admin intensive. Our partnership management platform completely eliminates the back-and-forth admin, with everything processed online, ensuring efficiency and execution.

THE Benefits

Benefits to your Association

Zoolink’s automated campaign management engine executes all agreed marketing campaigns, across multiple channels, and ensures payment directly into your account.

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Generate Revenue

By offering marketing opportunities up “for sale” to conference and tradeshow organizers - you open up a completely new and ongoing revenue stream for your association. Our built-in pricing tool will give you a suggested price based on the number of members or social media followers you have, but you determine and set the price.

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Encrypted Platform

Zoolink is a fully encrypted and secure platform. Your data is as secure as any email marketing provider, Mailchimp or Hubspot. Your members’ data is only visible to you and is never shared with an event organizer or other party.

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Free For Associations

Zoolink is free for all associations and creating your account takes less than 5 minutes.

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Eliminate Admin

Zoolink is a fully automated platform, eliminating the administrative burden of the traditional event marketing partnership process.

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Member Content

With smaller teams and resources, let event organizers help populate your content plan. By reviewing the content provided by event marketers, you can approve what could be a constant stream of relevant content, offerings, and opportunities that your members want and need. If you feel the content is not suited to your members - simply decline the booking.

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As the association - you are always in control of the entire process. You can set the frequency on how many posts are sent on your behalf via Zoolink - you could choose 1 a week or 100 a week. It’s up to you. And with a click of a button, you can review a booking and either accept, decline, or request a rework. Once you accept a booking, Zoolink executes the agreed campaign and you return to focus on other priorities.

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