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Our Story

We are designing Zoolink with two goals – to grow revenue for both events and associations, and to increase efficiency wherever possible. 

Being event owners ourselves for many years, we have seen the frustration and inefficiency of the event-partnership process, and the challenge of making these processes commercially worthwhile to both parties.

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Zoolink has two functions: it connects event organizers with associations globally – similar to Uber connecting drivers with passengers – and secondly, it manages the execution of what was agreed between the parties, by providing a marketing platform to execute marketing campaigns.

When Covid caused dramatic changes in the industry – especially with a pivot to virtual and hybrid events, we accelerated our development.     

Anybody, anywhere can attend a virtual or hybrid event – the new challenge to the event organizer is reaching more prospects globally.

Zoolink helps address this challenge – being global, its global partners offer prime new opportunities for events, and Zoolink’s underlying idea of automating all processes now makes it efficient for events to work together with far more associations per event than would have been practical in the past.

So it’s a win-win-win for the Association, association member and event. We’ve also often felt that events are getting a better deal than associations in many of the association-event agreements.  

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So monetising the relationship makes it fairer to both parties, while generating important revenue for the association.

Our current focus is on on-boarding associations before we launch in 2022.

Currently we are self-funded, but are always open to work with partners.

Our journey is just beginning, and we are certain to improve, refine and enhance what we are building.  But we hope to make a difference, and hope to make life better for event marketers and association managers, while making events more successful and generating revenue for associations.

If you would like to work or partner with us, or have any suggestions or comments,  please contact us directly at rudi@zoolink.com.

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